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Self-Care For Nourishing Mind + Body + Soul

We believe that creating meaningful moments of self-care is imperative to be the best version of yourself, and more importantly, taking care of yourself isn’t optional; it’s a priority. 

At OHN + ELLA, we provide women with opulent & sensorial botanical bath experiences that encourage them to develop rituals that leave them feeling nourished, fulfilled and restored in all ways that matter to them.

Rooted in slow Sunday afternoon traditions, each experience is curated for you to indulge in a moment of peaceful relaxation while allowing you to reconnect with yourself.

Intentionally handcrafted from the finest blend of botanical ingredients, allow yourself to embark on a new self-care journey with luxurious bath and body essentials. 

It's time to soak away your stresses and bask in a moment crafted for you!

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